BAE Systems Brough Centenary Lecture

Posted by admin on July 8, 2016

We would like to invite all your RAFA members to the free BAE Systems Brough Centenary Lecture to be given by aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor on Thursday 21 July, 6pm to 7pm, at University of Hull. (Click here to download invite)

Tracey will tell the story of her expeditions in her 1942 bi-plane Spirit of Artemis over the past 4 years, flying Cape Town to Goodwood, Britain to Australia, and then completing the global tour with the flight across the USA. Interwoven within the incredible adventure  of these flights which have taken her through some of the most beautiful and challenging parts of the planet, is the history of pioneering aviation from the Golden Age of aviation during the inter-war period.  

Tracey has been inspired by aviators such as Amy Johnson and Lady Mary Heath and her flights have given her the platform to meet thousands of women around the world, allowing her the opportunity to share her message of freedom, ambition and inspiration.  She will be speaking to slides with stunning photos and breath-taking video footage from her worldwide flight.

Best regards
Rick Welton
Amy Johnson Festival Director